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  • Michael (Ziegfeld) Paul

    Michael (Ziegfeld) Paul View Profile

    The Tonight Show”, “The Grammy Awards”, “Sex and the City”, “Sesame Street”, “The Ten” co-starring with Winona Ryder, “27 Dresses” opposite Katherine Heigl and with Kevin Spacey in “The Ventriloquist.”  Voicing and puppeteering for Jim Henson Productions, Saturday Night Live, Di...

  • Jeff Ahern

    Jeff Ahern View Profile

    Jeff Ahern has been performing stand up for 20 plus years. He has television and commercial credits. He has written for The Tonight Show and Us weekly’s Fashion Police which he was a part of for seven years. Currently Jeff works as a warm up in Los Angeles for some of the hottest shows on television. Jeff’s career has taken off now that he performs as The Most Evil Man In The Word, Syl...

  • Aliye AJ

    Aliye AJ View Profile

  • Josh Argyle

    Josh Argyle View Profile

    Josh Argyle is a standup comedian and writer. He lives in the San Francisco bay area. Josh is a co-producer of the Shits and Giggles Comedy Festival in Arcata California. He also co produces an improvised standup comedy show called "It's just 2 minutes" in San Francisco. . Before Josh started standup he did improv comedy for 5 years. During that time He played characters ranging from...

  • Tony Baker

    Tony Baker View Profile

    Tony Baker is making a lot of noise on the Hollywood Comedy Scene.  In a short time he has made his presence felt at all the major comedy clubs in the LA area.  He hails from Chicago and honed his stage presence while living and going to college in New Mexico.  The married father of 2 balances family, acting & comedy well.  He is the winner of the Uncle Clyde's Comedy Compe...

  • Keenan Baker

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    Keenan Baker grew up one of three children to a very strict Military father . Born in San Diego Ca. Living all around the country but landed back in Los Angeles at a young age. Raised by a single father, Keenan struggle growing up. Losing fights and not being let back into the house until he won the fights because that was his fathers rule. Keenan got his start in comedy back in 2008. In 2011 Keen...

  • Melanie Baldonado

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    Melanie Baldonado was born to a mother, a father, and an older brother who constantly beat her and blamed her for breaking all of the lamps in the house. An odd and mundane upbringing provides the foundation of her comedic writing. You can see her at comedy venues around the greater Los Angeles area.

  • Charlie Ballard

    Charlie Ballard View Profile

    Charlie Ballard started his stand up comedy career at the legendary Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco, California., and since then has become a favorite at comedy clubs, colleges, and casino's all over the country. He's been published in Campus Magazine, Indian Country, The Advocate Magazine and has been seen on LOGO, Comedy Central, and NBC's America's Got Talent. Book Charlie for your next event a...

  • Gerry Bednob

    Gerry Bednob View Profile

    A self-described “class clown” in school, Trinidad born comic of East Indian heritage, Gerry Bednob graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Sociology. He worked as a high school counselor until he decided to try out open mic night at Yuk Yuk’s. His initial fear of bombing on stage resulted in huge laughs from the crowd and got him an invite to come back from ...

  • Andrey Belikov

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      Born in Kiev, Ukraine - Andrey escaped communism--> fast forward to today - he tours and does comedy.   He has performed with the likes of Dane Cook, Jim Gaffigan, Ron White, Daymon Wayans and various others. Including every top comedy club in California. His act has been described as delightfully scattered and with an unusual perspective on college, family, and todays society. A...

  • Andrew Berkovich

    Andrew Berkovich View Profile

    Andrew Berkovich is a club comedian who brings his unique outlook on dating, drinking, and life. And by unique, we mean he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is too lazy to learn what’s proper and defaults to his own moronic perspective. The VC Reporter reviewed his act, “It’s like you’re having a conversation with a buddy in a bar but you’re not unc...

  • Tara Berland

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    I have been performing stand-up comedy for over eight years now, in both Los Angeles and New York. I performed on Stand-up in Stilettos on the TV Guide Network just recently as well as The Women in Comedy Festival in 2011 and 2013. Currently, I perform in clubs and venues around LA and San Diego.

  • Brenton Biddlecombe

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     He's very funny. Follow him on twitter @bbcombes

  • Aaron Black

    Aaron Black View Profile

    Hey, I’m Aaron Black! I’m a comedian and writer from New Jersey who recently moved to LA. I started doing comedy in Burlington, Vermont. On stage you can catch me talking about having a girlfriend, not having a girlfriend, calling my ex-girlfriend too much, those kooky restraining orders, arson charges, and airplane food…just to name a few. Since moving to the city of angels I h...

  • Stephanie Blum

    Stephanie Blum View Profile

    Throughout her career, comedian Stephanie Blum has brought audiences into hysterics with her take-no-prisoners, make-no-apologies approach to stand up.  As a mother of three and former school psychologist, this street smart Brooklyn native has a strong opinion on just about everything, especially parenting, marriage and her most guilty pleasure, pop-culture.  In her new TV show, TLC&r...

  • Billy Bonnell

    Billy Bonnell View Profile

    Billy Bonnell, is a native of Texas. He started performing Stand Up in San Diego while in the Navy and quickly won San Diego's Funniest Person Contest in 2010 and then again in 2012. As a house regular at the La Jolla Comedy Store, American Comedy Co. and Mad House Comedy club, he has been the go to feature for some of comedies biggest names including, Jim Norton, Anthony Jese...

  • Nathan Brannon

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    Nathan takes the audience on a ride full of witty stories, clever punch lines, and amusing shadow puppets. He brings smiles and hilarious anecdotes to the stage every time he grabs the microphone. Nathan also added this sentence because he needed a higher word count.   Nathan has participated in competitions such as the San Francisco & Seattle International Comedy Competitions. He was...

  • Alli Breen

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    Alli Breen is a stand up comic who is originally from Boston and now lives in Los Angeles. Alli started comedy in NYC, and then eventually moved out west where she quickly integrated into the comedy scene, became obsessed with surfing, and decided to stay. Alli has appeared on the Kate Flannery’s “Stand Up in Stilettos” on the TV Guide network, and been a part of comedy fe...

  • Joe Brennan

    Joe Brennan View Profile

    Joe Brennan is an American stand-up comedian and actor who uses witty and sarcastic humor.  His performances are reasonably "clean" as he refrains from profanity and blue humor.  Brennan's material covers everyday life, such as a run in at the gas station, annoying customers and relationships.  Brennan makes references to his childhood being a military brat.  He d...

  • Greg Brown

    Greg Brown View Profile

    Greg Brown was voted class president of the 3rd grade, twice. He is bestselling cookbook author and and national touring stand-up comedian. Greg is a frequent food correspondent and comic for the Huffington Post and is currently writing a cookbook based on what cooks and chefs eat when they get off from work. He does a stand-up comedy tour for culinary schools called "Bacon and Greg's&quo...

  • Anthony Browning

    Anthony Browning View Profile

    Anthony Browning has been performing stand up comedy for well over a decade. Anthony Browning has been on Last Comic Standing,Pit Boss, Audi short film, numerous commercials and performs at comedy clubs such as laugh factory, comedy store and the Improv regularly. Whether it be World Issues, Make Believe, Music, Politics, or just plain old Life in general, Anthony Browning will have you laughin...

  • James Bruce

    James Bruce View Profile

    James Bruce has been doing stand up comedy for long enough that relations with his family are strained and one or more of his organs are probably failing.  He has performed on MTV, E! and acted in films with Neve Campbell and Weird Al.  He believes the Weird Al credit is more impressive.  He briefly wrote for the former governor of California Arnold Schwazenegger's official web ...

  • Dan Bublitz Jr

    Dan Bublitz Jr View Profile

    Dan Bublitz Jr. is and always will be a nerd. In fact he was nerd before being a nerd was cool. Dan was born and raised in South Dakota and now resides in San Diego, CA. Dan is a laid back guy that transforms into a ball of energy bringing a fast paced adrenaline rush to the stage mixing his life experiences with his humorous observations for a show that will be without a doubt entertaining. ...

  • Sarah Burford

    Sarah Burford View Profile

           Sarah Burford knew from the moment she was born that she was made to make people laugh. Being the only girl in a Catholic family of three boys, and an overweight teenager, Sarah learned that there was always something to make people laugh. As her childhood coincided with the Golden Age of Stand-Up Comedy, she would spend hours watching comedians on shows l...

  • David Burger

    David Burger View Profile

    David Burger aka "BURGER" is a very personable guy, who is like a "breath of fresh air". With his streetwise edgy flare, This father of three was a Special Education teacher in South Central LA for Ten years while raising his first two children as a single father.  "BURGER" shows a rough vulnerability that regular people relate to.You will understand inst...

  • Aaron Burrell

    Aaron Burrell View Profile

    You can hear Aaron Burrell weekly, on the podcast Professor Blastoff on The Earwolf Network with comedian Tig Notaro. "Professor Blastoff" recently spiked to #1 on the iTunes Comedy Podcast Chart and continues as one of iTunes top comedy podcasts. In 2013 Aaron performed at the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, San Francisco Sketchfest, and The...

  • Nick Callas

    Nick Callas View Profile

    Nick Callas is one of the youngest, brightest up and comers in comedy today. This 20 year old coheadlined the Wrecking Crew international comedy tour, took 1st place in Slaughter Stand up, and writes/directs/stars in the Blanket Fort Sketch series. Catch him regularly in NYC at Comic Strip Live or headlining mediocre restaurants in the tristate. A rare and hilarious combination of physicality, imp...

  • Adam Carolla

    Adam Carolla View Profile

    Adam Carolla is one of the most versatile men in Hollywood. After cutbacks forced Adam to quit his syndicated self titled “Adam Carolla Show” broadcast on CBS radio, Adam started “The Adam Carolla Podcast” with only a computer and a microphone from his home office in Feb. 2009. The podcast is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the mos...

  • Devin Clark

    Devin Clark View Profile

    Comedian/Writer/Director, Creator of Hobo Ninja Comedy on YouTube, Winner of 2010, 2012 LA'S Funniest Comic Contest.

  • Paul Clay

    Paul Clay View Profile

  • Matt Claybrooks

    Matt Claybrooks View Profile

    Matt Claybrooks has written for several television shows including: Everybody Hates Chris, The George Lopez Show, The Game and Reed Between the Lines and Instant Mom. Chris Rock listed him one of his favorite comics to watch in Stage Time Magazine.

  • Elizabeth Collins

    Elizabeth Collins View Profile

    Elizabeth Collins is a comedienne, writer and filmmaker. Originally from Houston, TX and now living in Los Angeles, CA. She performs standup at clubs such as The Comedy Store, Improv, Flappers and the Pasadena Ice House.

  • Adam Cozens

    Adam Cozens View Profile

  • Scott Crowley

    Scott Crowley View Profile

    Midwestern comic Scott Crowley is a veteran of the small but noble Iowa comedy scene. Since first performing stand up at age 11, Scott has traveled the country drinking too much and telling jokes. Finalist and De facto winner of the canceled 2012 Iowa Comedy competition, he has since relocated to Southern California where the pasty Iowan can be found hiding from and cursing the hot devil sun.

  • Pete DAlessandro

    Pete DAlessandro View Profile

    Pete D'Alessandro grew up outside Philadelphia. One day after graduating from PennState, he got into his car, and drove until he found a place to live that met two criteria. 1: a lack of country music on the radio. 2: no jacket required. The first place he came across to meet both criteria was Los Angeles, where he now lives with his wife. Pete is currently living his dream working as an unemp...

  • Rob DaRocha

    Rob DaRocha View Profile

    Whether you’re laughing at him or with him, comedian and actor Rob DaRocha is sure to make you laugh your pants off, sometimes literally. Rob was born in New Orleans, Los Angeles and was raised by a single mom. Contrary to popular belief and unfounded assumptions, he is NOT white. He is actually half El Salvadorian and half Brazilian, which makes for a lethal Latin combo and is often,...

  • Tommy Davidson

    Tommy Davidson View Profile

    Tommy Davidson’s exceptional range – stand-up comedy and acting to versatile music ability – have earned him a reputation as an extraordinary performer. Best known as one of the original stars of the hit television show In Living Color, Tommy’s visibility increased rapidly and he became widely known for his innovative talent. Davidson started his career as a standup comedian in Washington D...

  • Carl De Gregorio

    Carl De Gregorio View Profile

    Carl De Gregorio is an actor, comedian, and writer who might be the author of this mini-biography. Getting an early start, Carl performed at New York City’s Lincoln Center, while still in grade school, and was accepted to The New Jersey Governor’s School for the Arts, before graduating from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University drama department. He soon after, got his start in...

  • Rawle Dee

    Rawle Dee View Profile

     RAWLE DEE has been in show business since the age of 12. He has starred in several movies plus guest appeared on numerous primetime T.V. shows. He is best known for his staring role in the movie “Cool Runnings” with John Candy. You may have also seen Rawle in “K-PAX” with Kevin Spacey and in numerous guest spots on the T.V. show “Malcolm & Eddie”. ...

  • Bill Devlin

    Bill Devlin View Profile

    “He endears himself to crowds from the moment he steps on stage… funny as hell” LA Comedy Examiner Bill Devlin (comedian, actor and writer) was born and raised in St. Paul Minnesota. The youngest of eight children in an Irish Catholic community, serves as fodder in a good deal of Devlin’s reservoir of comedy. In addition to touring around the country, Bill has...

  • Phil DiGennaro

    Phil DiGennaro View Profile

    Phil DiGennaro is an up and coming comedian. A warm-hearted pervert with a background in film and improv. Originally from Rochester, New York. Phil is looking to establish himself as a Comedic Yeezus.

  • Paul Elia

    Paul Elia View Profile

    Raised in Detroit Michigan. Recent TV credits include VEGAS, 2 BROKE GIRLS, DETROIT 187. opens up regularly for Jason Stuart. Perform all around the country.  Can be seen at the comedy store and Improv.

  • Jade Esteban Estrada

    Jade Esteban Estrada View Profile

    Vegas-style singer/comedian Jade Esteban Estrada started his career as choreographer to Latin diva Charo and as a scratch vocalist to the Back Street Boys. Focusing on his own career as an entertainer, Jade has since headlined showrooms and colleges around the country and has performed at over 200 Pride events worldwide, which may explain his onstage love of velvet tuxedos and bright feature boas....

  • Joanie Fagan

    Joanie Fagan View Profile

    Joanie knew early on she was destined for a successful career in the entertainment business.  She won California State Drama Festival awards in High School, was sought out for mentoring by esteemed acting coaches like Lynette Katselas, Nina Foch and Jered Barclay, and was a shining star at Harvey Lembecks Comedy Workshop for five years. Then moving on to two years at The Groundlings, where sh...

  • Rich

    Rich "The Stitch" Flores View Profile

    Born in Compton CA, When I was about ten my uncle put on a record of George carlin I was blown away and instantly became a stand up comic fan. After a career in action sports marking. A friend convinced me to do a open mic. Once again I was hooked. That was in 2000 and have Ben doing comedy since. Now I currently live in Carlsbad CA.

  • Monique Flores

    Monique Flores View Profile

    Monique Flores is one of Latina's fast and upcoming comics.  Much of Monique's humor is drawn from her family life, as well as her own daily experiences. Coming from a huge family, Monique characterizes many of them in her on-stage tales. Monique is both energetic and physical, crafting comical cracks and observations. She has performed in front of audiences...

  • Grace Fraga

    Grace Fraga View Profile

    About Grace Fraga…       This ‘Margarita Mama’ is a whole lot of Latin laughs. Fueled by hot sauce flashes the bi-lingual award winning actress, comedienne, writer and producer has appeared on national television on NBC, A&E, CBS, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, VH-1, Court TV, Univision, Galavision and Telemundo.         So...

  • Tony Gaud

    Tony Gaud View Profile

    Tony Gaud has been entertaining people at clubs, theatres, colleges, corporate events, on screen and on the radio for over 20 years. A veteran comedian, Tony Gaud has worked with such acts as Tom Papa, Ron White, Ralphie May, Pablo Francisco, Sommore, Aries Spears and many others. In 2001 and 2002, he toured nationally with the legendary Jackie Mason. Tony was selected Best Up & Coming Comic i...

  • Andy Gold

    Andy Gold View Profile

    Andy Gold lives in Utah and writes and tells damn good jokes. He does some other stuff, like hanging out in parks and bullying his roommate, but that’s not important. The winner of the Salt Lake Comedy Festival, Andy has also been featured in festivals and competitions all over the country, including the Boston Comedy Festival, Ventura Comedy Festival, Rocky Mountain Laugh Off, and Idaho Lau...

  • Mark Gonzalez

    Mark Gonzalez View Profile

    Mark Gonzalez is a native San Diegan that comes from a large Latino family, which unknowingly has provided him with much of his material. The quiet middle child of five, Mark has definitely found his voice on the comedy stage. With clean humor and a unique perspective on growing up in a Hispanic household, Mark has become a crowd favorite at clubs, colleges and venues throughout the West Coast. Ma...

  • Bruce Gray

    Bruce Gray View Profile

  • Reggie Greene

    Reggie Greene View Profile

    Reggie Greene is a stand-out in stand-up comedy for which his comedy has been featured in Adam Carolla's independent film entitled "Road Hard" (Summer 2014)!  In 2013 he performed in both the Ventura Comedy Festival and the South Jersey Comedy Festival, and he is a crowd favorite  in comedy clubs throughout New York City and the Tri-State area.  Reggie is also a You Tube Sensation, having views th...

  • Erik Griffin

    Erik Griffin View Profile

    Fans of the hit Comedy Central series “Workaholics” instantly recognize Erik Griffin as the show’s iconic series regular Montez. Erik also tours the country headlining popular comedy clubs and colleges every weekend.  His debut comedy album, Technical Foul: Volume One, will be released this March. His Comedy Central Presents Half-Hour Stand-Up Special will premiere this year...

  • Adam Gropman

    Adam Gropman View Profile

    Adam Gropman is an ambidextrous, double-jointed, linguistically gifted Bostonian somewhat resembling a young Geoffrey Rush. He's also heard Adam Sandler and Ben Affleck- he'll talk any of those comparisons, gladly. Adam has distiniguished himself as a writer of creative material for top comedians internationally and as a performer of intelligent, offbeat, honest standup comedy himself at clubs thr...

  • Eric Gruber

    Eric Gruber View Profile

     Born and barely raised in New Jersey, Eric Gruber currently resides in Los Angeles and enjoys the company of his peers, a good pirouette, and an angry Piers Morgan.

  •  Gulden

    Gulden View Profile

    Gulden was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. Her parents sent her to America for higher education. According to her father, while in graduate school she lost it and became “The only female comedian from the Middle East, still alive!” She is a paid regular in The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, and The Ice House . She also works regularly for Catch a Rising Star and performs in casinos and col...

  • Karen Hanover

    Karen Hanover View Profile

    Karen Hanover recently realized she hit middle age and is desperately clawing to youth.  Can you hear finger nails scratching as she slides down the wall into the abyss of senioritis?  As memory loss kicks in, Karen does her best to remember her jokes about hitting menopause, sagging skin, lack of vaginal muscle control, kids, dating and being “cool” (do they still use that t...

  • Olivia Harewood

    Olivia Harewood View Profile

    If Tina Fey had a baby with Al Roker, Olivia Harewood would be that baby. If Olivia Harewood wasn't that baby, she would play that baby in a movie about that baby's life. If Olivia Harewood wasn't cast as the lead in the Fey-Roker baby biopic, she would be inconsolable.   Watching Olivia Harewood is like watching an exceptionally book-smart person get lost in the woods, try to build a fire w...

  • Ian Harris

    Ian Harris View Profile

    Originally a San Francisco Bay Area comic, Ian has been a top headliner for years, touring nationally, as well as a staple on the L.A. comedy scene, winner of many major comedy competitions, was ranked #25 on Entertainment Business Journal's Top 100 Comedians list and called "the top character comic in Los Angeles" by Backstage West. Ian has been seen and heard on Comedy Central, Jimmy K...

  • Adam Hastings

    Adam Hastings View Profile

    Adam has been a finalist in Phoenix’s Funniest Person, OC’s Funniest, and was voted Audience Favorite in the LA Comedy Competition. He began doing stand up comedy in college at the suggestion of his friends and grew to love it. His comedy is a blend of witticism mixed with awkward self-realization. Credits include Comedy Time TV, Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight, and he was fea...

  • Xchel Hernandez

    Xchel Hernandez View Profile

    A recent transplant to the great state of Minnesota, Xchel Hernandez has performed all around the country. Xchel was a regular at the the Tempe Improv and has been selected to perform in several festivals including Out of Bounds and The World Series of Comedy. His dedication has awarded him Runner Up in The House of Comedy's Funniest Person with a Day Job in Minneapolis, MN. In addition to sta...

  • Lisa Holly

    Lisa Holly View Profile

    Lisa Holly has worked with a variety of humorists from Thea Vidale and Shirley Hemphill to Steven Wright and Jon Lovitz.  She was one of the semi-finalists of California’s Funniest Females, performed on TV Guide’s “Stand-Up in Stilettos”, and BET’s sketch improv show, “The Way We Do It”.  She has also worked across the country and in the United K...

  • Sandro Iocolano

    Sandro Iocolano View Profile

  • Rick Izquieta

    Rick Izquieta View Profile

    Comedian Rick Izquieta has an interesting hilarious view on everything he runs into…family, friends, living in L.A., relationships, current events and much more. He brings tons of laughter to the rooms and is one of the fastest growing comedians out there today performing at all the big clubs in L.A., Hollywood and other big cities. Currently Rick is working on Comedy Sketches, DVDs, Car...

  • Danny Jolles

    Danny Jolles View Profile

  • Aly Jones

    Aly Jones View Profile

    Raised in Southern California and transplanted to Oakland, Aly Jones shares her misadventures and neuroses with strangers and hopes to get their approval in the form of laughter. She also knows an uncomfortable amount of information about Pokemon for a grown woman. As a child, her parents hoped she would grow up to be a doctor or the president, and you can see how that turned out. Aly has performe...

  • Joe Kardon

    Joe Kardon View Profile

    Joe Kardon started in his hometown of NY but now lives and performs all over Los Angeles from Los Feliz to Hollywood to West Hollywood and back! This stand-up is also a trained Shakespearean actor, an experienced improviser and a relentless sketch comedian. He's having fun.

  • Brandon Scott Keller

    Brandon Scott Keller View Profile

    Brandon was born and raised in a devout Mormon family in West Jordan, Utah. He did a couple of open mics at the local comedy club before deciding he should go to New York where he had an inkling there was a stronger comedy scene. Within a year of doing comedy in NYC he was named Eastville Comedy Club's Rising Star comic to watch. He has been winning audiences over, young and old, with his sinc...

  • TK Kelly

    TK Kelly View Profile

    A native New Yorker, TK Kelly now lives in Los Angeles as a writer and blogger for Tosh.0 on Comedy Central. He has performed at clubs across the country like Gotham, the Improv, the Comedy Store, and Standup NY, and has written for Comedy Central Studios, Second City, Funny or Die and SportsNet NY. Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE ...

  • Rogin Kim

    Rogin Kim View Profile

    Rogin Kim is a comedian based out of New York City who is as comfortable on stage as he is behind the camera, and can find the funny in the most serious of circumstances. His comedic range stretches from observational to goofy wordsmith as he combines his incisive writing with character work and physicality. With his knack for mixing logic and imagination, he’s sure to have you guessing and ...

  • John Kuperman

    John Kuperman View Profile

     John's loved comedy as far as he can remember.  Staying up late watching Johnny Carson and David Letterman was a real treat for this comic in the making.  Richard Pryor's Live on the Sunset Strip and Steve Martin's stand up ,and music, really made an early impact.  John knew at an early age, stand up was the avenue he wanted to call home.   

  • Perry Kurtz

    Perry Kurtz View Profile

    Perry Kurtz is a Highly Interactive and Motivational Entertainer bringing laughter and music to people around the world, and of all ages. Perry Kurtz started standup in Philly in 1974, & moved to San Francisco in 1979 when Comedy was peaking.   Three months later he got his first paying "gig" as the emcee at the Off Broadway Male Burlesque Club on Broadway. Three WEEKS later,...

  • Sam Kwasman

    Sam Kwasman View Profile

    Sam is a veteran actor/comedian. From a professional dancer in movies such as "Mame" with Lucille Ball and stage musicals like "Hello Dolly" with Martha Raye and the "Music Man" with Van Johnson, he graduated to acting roles. You have seen him on such shows as "Bob Newhart"(Emmy nomination), "Family Ties" "Lou Grant", "Airwolf",...

  •  Kymedienne

    Kymedienne View Profile

    Kymedienne always had a funny sense of humor about herself. It was about 1998 that she started to notice that people around her were always laughing. She would encounter different people and situations that humored people from all walks of life. She decided to pursue a comedy career professionally. She began her comedy career in 2006 at Ontario Improv Comedy Class with the help of her comedy in...

  • Mark Christopher Lawrence

    Mark Christopher Lawrence View Profile

    Mark Christopher Lawrence worked with the likes of Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld, Rodney Dangerfield, Paul Rodriguez, and Gospel Comedian Lester Barrie as well as, having headlined clubs and colleges all over the USA and Canada. Mark’s most recent television credits include his series regular role as Big Mike on the NBC series CHUCK. Disney Channel’s original TV movie Life Is Ruff and gue...

  • Michael Lenoci

    Michael Lenoci View Profile

     Michael is a manchild.

  • Bruce Lerner

    Bruce Lerner View Profile

    Bruce has been doing comedy for 5 years, but he's not a very good lover.  He leaves comedy disappointed every time, but I guess that's how he gets his laughs. He's a russian jew, which means he's always in a hurry. His best friend is his guitar, but this best friend slept with his girlfriend.  Please try to make him feel special when you see him.

  • Cathy Lewis

    Cathy Lewis View Profile

  • Jason Love

    Jason Love View Profile

    Jason’s quick wit and self-deprecating approach have endeared him to audiences the world over, including the Improv, Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, Punchline, Zanies, Comic Strip Edmonton, Bananas, Arlington Draft House, Pechanga, Ice House, Flappers, Ventura Harbor, Canyon Club, Hermosa Comedy and Magic, San Antonio River Center, Crackers, Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, Stardome, Magooby’s, Hilaritie...

  • Katie Love

    Katie Love View Profile

    Katie Love is the creator/producer/host of The Katie Love Show, a live comedy talk show featuring LA’s best comedians and performers. Katie began her comedy career at the famed Holy City Zoo in San Francisco where she performed for two drunks in the wee hours of the ‘morn. Now, several years later, she performs for several drunks in clubs and colleges all over the country. Katie is als...

  • Randy Lubas

    Randy Lubas View Profile

     Randy Lubas has performed Comedy for over 30 years in 42 of the United States, 4 Canadian Provinces, and all over the world on Cruise Ships. He has appeared 23 times on National TV, incuding Comedy Central and Showtime. He has produced thousands of live shows, and 70 episodes of West Coast Comedy, now seen on Hulu and on He owns Jr's Comedy Club in Valencia, CA and Ventura H...

  • Charlene Mae

    Charlene Mae View Profile

    Charlene Mae standup career started in 1997,  she toured the country and opened for headliners such as Jeff Dunham, Marc Curry and Bill Engvall. She quit comedy for a few years and started back again in 2010.  Her material is versatile and her performance flows with non-stop laughter, all while being edgy without being offensive.  In 2013 Charlene was  invited to t...

  • Matt Markman

    Matt Markman View Profile

    Matt was born in northern California in 1975. Growing up he moved around a lot including living two years in Athens Greece. In his travels he visited several countries like Singapore, Italy, Turkey and France. His fathers job landed him in Las Vegas in 1992 where he now lives. He has always had a fascination for comedy. In fifth grade Matt was required to write and deliver a speech, this would be...

  • Dee Marshall

    Dee Marshall View Profile

    Dee Marshall is a new comedian from Brooklyn, New York. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia where he got his start perform at the Laughing Skull Lounge in Atlanta. He learned the way of stand-up comedy from veteran comedian Big Kenny. Always the natural performer, Dee was the kid always cracking jokes and making everyone laugh in college. It is no surprise that Dee Marshall is breaking in to th...

  • Rick Matthews

    Rick Matthews View Profile

    Rick Matthews was raised in a small farm town south of Buffalo, but has a point of view that differs from those usually bred from small town life. He uses the audience as his own personal therapy session, working out the issues that keep in up at night, all for their enjoyment. He has earned himself a reputation in the comedy community as a every man with an edge, a nice guy with a dark side, and ...

  • Tom McClain

    Tom McClain View Profile

    Comedian Tom McClain is probably best known as the larger than life, hard hitting funnyman out of Los Angeles. He’s most often recognized for his many appearances on “The Dr. Phil Show”, “Fox Sports”, and the Emmy Award winning talk show “The Doctors”. He has also appeared on “Criminal Minds”, “CSI: New York”, “Without a trace”, the short lived “Viva Laughlin”, and dozens of television com...

  • Harmony McElligott

    Harmony McElligott View Profile

    Harmony McElligott is a Los Angeles based comedian who performs nationally.  He translates all the weirdness and absurdity he sees daily into hysterical observations, surreal stories, and characters that are so ridiculous, they can only be based on many of the people in his life.

  • Jennie McNulty

    Jennie McNulty View Profile

    Jennie McNulty has traveled the world doing comedy. Literally. In addition to headlining in comedy clubs all over the US and Canada, she has entertained the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. She's also done comedy in more peaceful settings as one of the favorites of Sweet Travel and Olivia Cruises and Resorts. Jennie spends her summers doing her show nightly in Provincetown. And, she's been a r...

  • Connor McSpadden

    Connor McSpadden View Profile

  • Felicia Michaels

    Felicia Michaels View Profile

  • Melia Mills

    Melia Mills View Profile

                 The Queen of Hip Hop Comedy Topical, edgy and charismatic, mélia mills has been described as what would be created if Chris Rock and Weird Al had a child.   Entertaining since infancy, mélia wrote her first song about her sister fresh out the womb and penned her first rap about MLK set to the Bea...

  • Jay Mohr

    Jay Mohr View Profile

    Comedian, actor, radio host and best selling author, Jay Mohr has been performing stand-up comedy since he was sixteen years old. With a career that has spanned over three decades, Jay has become an artist that is very difficult to define. Never wanting to rest on his accomplishments, Jay has always pushed himself to be more than just a comic. After landing his dream job of Saturday Night ...

  • Dana Moon

    Dana Moon View Profile

    Dana Moon is a stand-up comic that performs regularly in the Los Angeles comedy scene. Recently coming off a national comedy tour performing in 19 cities in 27 days, Walk of Shame Tour, filmed as a docu-series follows three female comics on the road (release date TBA). Apart from stand-up Dana made her film debut in a comedic short Meet The Zillas that recently won an award at the Los Angeles In...

  • Brian Moreno

    Brian Moreno View Profile

    Brian is a comedian, writer and actor. He is the in house comedian and MC for the House of Blues on Sunset. He is animated, loving, smells nice and sometimes really funny. You can see him at his monthly comedy show at the House of Blues on the first Friday of every month. Best FREE show on Sunset Blvd.   @brianmoreno21

  • Ben Morrison

    Ben Morrison View Profile

    One part nerd and one part attention-whore Morrison has spent his whole life making people laugh. Now living in Los Angeles, Morrison regularly tours the country delivering his electrifying act that includes live multimedia and photography. On TV you’ve seen Morrison on Last Comic Standing, as the lead on the final season of MTV-hit Punk’d, and as a regular contributor on Al Gore&rs...

  • Micia Mosely

    Micia Mosely View Profile

    Micia Mosely comedian, actress, and educator has been praised by New York Theatre as, “smart, timely and also downright hilarious”. This bi-coastal black lesbian and socio-political comic earned her Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley and developed an award-nominated one-woman show, "Where My Girls At?" Since 2008, Micia’s stand up comedy has been a hit nationally, ...

  • Shaun Murphy

    Shaun Murphy View Profile

    Shaun Murphy has performed in many clubs and colleges throughout the U.S. and Canada where, through sheer luck and happenstance, he has performed before a diverse group of headliners such as Todd Barry, Robert Kelly, Garfunkel and Oates, and Rob Schneider. He has also performed in the Ventura Comedy Festival and the New York Comedy Contest. Shaun is forced to talk about his accomplishments in the ...

  • Keith Nelson

    Keith Nelson View Profile

    Keith Ross Nelson has been doing comedy for over twenty years and he has performed in all fifty staes. He is the former winner of the Portland Comedy Competition in 2005. He was fetured in The Best of the Best at the Burbank Comedy Festival in 2014. He was a Finalist in the Ventura Comedy Festival Comedy Competition in 2014. He was an FBI agent in the independant hit Mobsters and Mormons and also ...

  • Clay Newman

    Clay Newman View Profile

    This lovable, joke slinging rabble-rouser became a regular feature of the San Francisco comedy scene in early 2012, making people’s sides hurt with tales of life, love, and all that other crap that fills our days up. Before then, Clay studied the theater at SFSU and could be seen filling up ensembles all over the Bay Area. But he eventually decided to give up on acting to follow a much more ...

  • Matthew Nouriel

    Matthew Nouriel View Profile

    Matthew was born in London, England to Jewish Iranian parents. Now residing here in Los Angeles he is quickly moving up in L.A.’s comedy scene. His Iranian heritage, British sensibilities , American influences, and slight Jewy neurosis result in uniquely skewed perspectives on life that will have you bursting with laughter. Matthew’s blunt, honest, raw approach has been gaining much at...

  • Chris Owor

    Chris Owor View Profile

  • Maunda Oyin

    Maunda Oyin View Profile

    Maunda Oyin is from Houston, TX by way of Detroit, MI. and studied at The University of Oklahoma, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater. After graduating, she moved to Cleveland, OH to work at The Karamu House Theater with the inner city youth. While in Cleveland, she auditioned for a Gospel Musical titled Fake Friends and shortly after she began touring the US with some of the G...

  • Gregg Maxwell Parker

    Gregg Maxwell Parker View Profile

    You may have seen Gregg Maxwell Parker performing stand-up at venues all over Southern California, or possibly doing long-form improv with his groups, Tom Loves Chocolate and Summer Vacation.  He's also a published short-story author and a professional screenwriter.  HIs first movie, Getaway, starring Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez, comes out this Labor Day - go see it!  Gregg wan...

  • Tyson Paul

    Tyson Paul View Profile

    Touring Experience: 9 years Throughout California, Arizona, & Nevada   Preformed with: Corey Holcomb Leonard Robinson Tiffany Haddish Big Mike Mitchell   Jay Davis Grace Fraga Honest Jon Jill-Michele Melean James Davis Dillon Garcia Greg Wilson Thai Rivera Steven Briggs Brandon T. Jackson   Regularly performs at : The Comedy Union Los Angeles, CA Hollyw...

  • Alex Phillips

    Alex Phillips View Profile

    Hailing from Georgia this former football stud is one of LA's fastest rising comedians.  At only 21 years old he appeared in his first international tour in which he performed all over the West Coast and throughout Canada. With his "cool guy" persona and his natural ability to make people laugh, he has star written all over him. You can catch him performing regularly i...

  • Griff Pippin

    Griff Pippin View Profile

    Griff Pippin is a Los Angeles-based stand up comedian who performs all over the U.S. and the world with several international tours under his belt. He has performed with renowned artists such as Russell Peters, Chris D’Elia and Theo Von. Griff has been featured on Playboy Radios Ginger Lynn’s “The Blame it on Ginger Radio Show”.   Griff has performed two European tou...

  • Chris Porter

    Chris Porter View Profile

    Best known for his third place finish on the season 4 of Last Comic Standing, Chris Porter has been a touring comic since he was 23. Since the beginning Chris’ raw energy and unique perspective has distinguished him as one of the elite comics in the industry. Born and raised in Kansas City, Chris brings a true stand-up experience to his live shows. There are no sound cues, no puppets, and...

  • Myk Powell

    Myk Powell View Profile

    Myk has been making people laugh for nearly three decades, so a couple of years ago he decided to start telling jokes. He started out in radio at the height of the "Disco Era", he survived "Punk", reveled in "Glam Rock, suffered through "Light Rock", probably caused "Grunge" and is now "Classic". He had the highest rated Talk Show on the Island of Guam and is the only old, fat, white guy to be inv...

  • David Race

    David Race View Profile

    Fans of David Race have come to love his smart, edgy, and inventive stand up comedy. David's material manages to be dark and evil, without being X-Rated. On stage David talks about his adoption, finding out as an adult that he's half Latino, his radio career, and his unique take on his daily life experiences. David has performed in numerous stand up comedy festivals, and can be ...

  • Hormoz Rashidi

    Hormoz Rashidi View Profile

    Hormoz Rashidi was born in Iran but grew up in Southern California. He attended the University of California, Berkeley where he wasted his time obtaining a B.A. in Political Science. Luckily for all mankind, Hormoz became disillusioned by politics and became a stand up starting in DC, then New York City, and now Hollywood. You're welcome world!

  • Josh Rencher

    Josh Rencher View Profile

    JOSH RENCHER is a comedy writer and stand-up performer best known for his non-sequitur, nonsensical wit and earnest delivery. His unique observations and succinct writing style have merited frequent comparisons with such unconventional humorists as Steven Wright and Jack Handey, but with an organic sensibility and affability that's unmistakably his own.   Lauded by peers for his highly orig...

  • Keith Reza

    Keith Reza View Profile

    Comic brat Keith Reza was born in Texas. After moving with his mother to California when he was two, Keith always wanted to be in show business.When Keith was 13, he was diagnoised with Aspergers Syndrome. Never being able to make friends, or explore romantic relationships, Keith took his disorder to he stage. Keith has been named Top 50 Funniest by the Ultimate Laff-Down Comedy Compe...

  • Matt Ritter

    Matt Ritter View Profile

    Matt Ritter recently traded big law for the big stage. Matt can be seen in front of large audiences regularly performing at the Hollywood Improv, the Comedy Store and the Gotham Comedy Club as well has hosting various TV shows for AfterBuzz TV. His standup has been featured on “Man Up Standup” on the Maverick channel and has recently participated in the Big Sky Comedy Festival, the Ven...

  • Justin Rivera

    Justin Rivera View Profile

  • Jorge Riverol

    Jorge Riverol View Profile

    Jorge Riverol has two loves, comedy and art.  He is a 34 year old El Paso(Texas) native, and a former video game artist. He's lived in California for 13 years doing digital art.  One ridiculous childhood fantasy wasn't enough so he decided to pursue the other in comedy. He's been open mic-ing around Los Angeles and Santa Barbara.  His curiously crude and self depricating...

  • Abby Roberge

    Abby Roberge View Profile

    Abby Roberge, Is a rising star in the Los Angeles comedy scene, he performs at all the major clubs in the city. He was a headliner on the Wrecking Crew Comedy Tour. Before moving to Los Angeles he toured with Bob Saget, and spent a year bouncing around clubs in New York

  • Rick Robinson

    Rick Robinson View Profile

    A native of Ventura, California, Rick Robinson currently resides in Pinetop, Arizona.  Still a practicing foot and ankle surgeon, began his stand up career at The Comedy Spot in Scottsdale in 2011.  His comedic style includes political satire and current events, as well as his observational outlook on life as a middle-aged dad. 

  • David Rosenberg

    David Rosenberg View Profile

  • David Rosenfeld

    David Rosenfeld View Profile

    David Rosenfeld is a writer and comedian. Along with standup comedy, he is a regular contributor to, has written several screenplays and developed a sitcom.  

  • Jonathan Rowell

    Jonathan Rowell View Profile

    Jonathan Rowell began doing stand up straight out of high school. Since then he has cut his teeth on the l.a. comedy scene, performing on some of the best shows in town such as Brew Ha Ha, Bruin up some Laughs, and Holy Fuck. He was a co-producer of the comedy and sketch show GIRTH. Rowell can be seen performing regularly around southern california.


    ANTHONY RYAN View Profile

    "I'm The biggest thing you've never heard of." -Antonio Peace Craft I love you all.

  • Rick Salas

    Rick Salas View Profile

    Born Redondo Beach, CA ...raised there 18 years. Went to school in Chico CA CSU Chico. Started comedy in early 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. Started a production company and later moved to Carlsbad, CA where I now live.My comedy is some about my life, stereotypes, some sexual, and current events.

  • Mark Schumacher

    Mark Schumacher View Profile

    Mark Schumacher is a high school teacher, stand-up comedian, host and speaker. Since 2006, Schumacher has performed stand-up comedy across the United States and internationally in London and Paris. Mr. Schumacher was named Orange County’s Funniest Person in 2012. He’s been featured in the Orange County Register, on KDOC’s What’s Up Orange County, and has written comedy for the Los Angeles Times. H...

  • Mona Shaikh

    Mona Shaikh View Profile

    A tomboy who grew up with four older brothers and as the only girl in the family, knew her passion and purpose in life at the age of 8. With half her life spent in a prominent conservative Muslim household, and the second half lived as an independent woman immersed in American entertainment and culture, Mona has a unique perspective on the contrast and conflicts between both worlds. Her sense o...

  • Kris Sharma

    Kris Sharma View Profile

    Originally from Tampa, Kris got his start doing comedy in Chicago. After years of brutal cold and deep dish pizza, he made his way to Los Angeles to write movies and internet shows that you probably haven't seen. Kris' stand-up style is a playful skewering of political trends, social issues, and his own many inadequacies. And despite looking like an accountant, he's really good at f...

  • David Sharp

    David Sharp View Profile

     David Sharp was born in Santa Barbara, California and has performed in California, Colorado, Nebraska, Ohio, and Illinois. He began doing stand up in Carbondale, Illinois as one of the central members of the Carbondale Comedians and currently lives and performs in Southern California.

  • Mr. Sid

    Mr. Sid View Profile

    This former airline worker hilariously unloads his side-splitting baggage on stage. Sid’s humor is fueled with A.D.D., a wavering ego and a grade school teacher wife who sometimes wishes he was a child left behind. Mr. Sid’s cock-eyed perception takes the every day grind to a hilarious screeching halt!

  • Jessica Michelle Singleton

    Jessica Michelle Singleton View Profile

       Jessica Michelle Singleton is an internationally touring stand-up comedian. She is currently the headliner for the three person Walk of Shame/Road Kill Tour Series, a national comedy tour docu-series comprised of herself, Lisa Curry and Dana Moon. She was selected to perform in the 2015 Cabo Comedy Festival as part of the NuvoTV show "Stand Up & Deliver".&...

  • Rich Slaton

    Rich Slaton View Profile

     Rich Slaton was born in Sacramento, schooled in Santa Barbara and now makes a living embarrassing himself in front of strangers for laughs. His comedy is best described as a tour de force of things you wish you hadn't heard but still find uncomfortably and undeniably funny. Since starting comedy in 2008, Rich has played all over the United States and Europe, along with appearing at comedy f...

  • Angelina Spicer

    Angelina Spicer View Profile

    A Bombshell Brooklyn native, Angelina is the eldest daughter of hip-hop pioneer Jimmy Spicer. As a sketch comedian, Angelina has built a impressive online presence with her portrayal of Tyra Banks, Beyonce and Nicki Minaj on the hit Disney web series Electric Spoofaloo. Some of her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, and The Hollywood Reporter. As ...

  • Ester Steinberg

    Ester Steinberg View Profile

    Ester Steinberg, a comedy writer and performer based in Los Angeles, started her career performing stand-up on high school lunch tables in Tampa, Florida. While attending New York University, she took full advantage of the city's thriving comedy scene and quickly became a regular at Caroline's New Talent Night. Before long, she was touring nationwide. Now at the ripe age of 24, she writes and star...

  • Liz Stewart

    Liz Stewart View Profile

    Liz Stewart began her performing arts career in third grade when she portrayed the school Christmas play’s villain, Enid. Enid was a witch bent on revenge and destruction. She sang and danced whilst robbing villagers of their Christmas spirit. Although Enid was defeated in the end, Liz emerged triumphant, having found her calling. Liz studied theater and opera at the University of Houston. T...

  • Daniel Storrow

    Daniel Storrow View Profile

    Daniel Storrow learned at a young age that if you yell something out in class, and everyone laughs, you get in trouble. But you yell something out and the teacher laughs, you're a rockstar. Daniel has entertained crowds throughout the United States and in Jerusalem, Israel. A trained actor and San Diego native, he is known for his quick wit and intelligent musings on everyday life.

  • Jason Stuart

    Jason Stuart View Profile

    Jason Stuart is one the country's top openly gay comics and prolific character actors. Filmmakers liken his talent as a cross between the depth of Philip Seymour Hoffman, the comedy timing of John Ritter and the quirkiness of a younger Alan Arkin. He has performed at the Montreal Comedy Festival, Town Hall on Broadway to 100,000 at the Millennium March for gay rights. Jason is now touring all ...

  • Sanji Tillekeratne

    Sanji Tillekeratne View Profile

    Born in England, raised in Canada and of Sri Lankan descent, Sanji is a funny guy who uses keenly ironic intelligent observations to explain the world around him.   He has performed at comedy clubs all across Canada as well as in England, Scotland and Ireland. Sanji’s style is always fresh, clean and very original.  Based out of Calgary, Sanji was a finalist in for Yuk Yuk’...

  • Jesus Trejo

    Jesus Trejo View Profile

    Jesus Trejo Bio A native of Long Beach, CA, Jesus Trejo, has been described as one of funniest young comics to look out for.  His high-energy performance is a fusion of characters, storytelling, and physical comedy that paint a picture from within the world he grew up. Jesus’s work ethic has earned him spots opening for the likes of: Steve Trevino, Pauly Shore, Steve Byrne, and Russ...

  • Lisa-Gay Tremblay

    Lisa-Gay Tremblay View Profile

     Lisa-Gay Tremblay is Canada's leading lady of the stand-up world!  Every woman's best friend and man's worst nightmare!  Lisa-Gay tells it like it is.  Her quick wit and fearless comedy will have you seeing your life flash in front of your eyes!  Your ribs will hurt from laughing and having your spouse elbow you and say  "Sounds just like you"! You may rec...

  • Chinedu Unaka

    Chinedu Unaka View Profile

    Chinedu loves entertaining. Having superstar comedians he grew up admiring share the stage with him and call him hilarious, funny, or a great writer has been one of his career highlights and a dream come true. Hailing from the Los Angeles area, this American born Nigerian is making a huge wave on the comedy scene. In addition, with his two degrees collecting dust from UCSB and LMU, he’s...

  • Jeff Urrea

    Jeff Urrea View Profile

    Originally from the small town of Fillmore, California, Jeff Urrea has been deliverying big laughs everywhere he performs. Jeff has become one of the most recognized names in his community of Ventura County. Jeff is a regular performer the Ventura Harbor Comedy Club, where he is a show producer and crowd favorite. Jeff was accepted to the 1st Annual Cabo Comedy Festival, where he filmed hi...

  • Murray Valeriano

    Murray Valeriano View Profile

    Murray Valeriano is a brilliant comedian, writer and human sponge. This Tennessee native and preacher’s son found his comedy calling in California and soon began a successful career in stand up and writing. Murray has appeared in clubs and theaters all over the country. He had been seen on Comedy Central, NBC, FuelTV and More. He is also a regular guest of Bill Engvall’s Blue Collar...

  • Danny Villalpando

    Danny Villalpando View Profile

    Danny has been performing stand up comedy for over sixteen years. He has had the privilege of working worldwide with the USO and Comic’s on Duty. His comedy has taken him to over fifteen countries around the world. Most of Danny’s comedy is based on his life experiences. Comedy fans described his act as the type of act you could do anywhere. From a bar, to a corporate show, it&...

  • Sarah Collette Wagner

    Sarah Collette Wagner View Profile

    Sarah Collette is originally from a huge town of 7,000 called Eureka, Missouri.  Her first attempt at stand-up was the open mic night at the St. Louis Funny Bone.  Since moving to Los Angeles she has performed at venues around town including the Comedy Store, the Federal Bar, and Flappers Comedy Club in Burbank.  Sarah Collette has also trained with Second City Chicago and UCB in Lo...

  • Richard Weiss

    Richard Weiss View Profile

    Living Proof That What Doesn’t Kill You, Can Eventually Make You Laugh. By Lisa Morgan “Drinking led to blackouts for me which I call ‘The 90s’,” he shares to a room full of laughter. “My family got together and gave me a little present… they got me tickets, luggage, and a going away party called an ‘intervention’.” Richard Weiss, p...

  • Matt Wexler

    Matt Wexler View Profile

    Witty, smart, and devilishly handsome, this former Minnesotan has been working his way through the world of comedy for his entire adult life.  Born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, Matt found his comedic niche by creating his first sketch show entitled “Totally Smashed” for a Minnetonka public access TV at the tender age of 17.   From there, Matt then graduated from the ...

  • Matt White

    Matt White View Profile

    Matt White is a comedian/writer/actor based out of Greenville, NC. He performs Improvisational comedy, Stand up comedy, and Sketch Comedy. He also produces stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy shows. He is the Creator/Artistic Director of the Seriously Clowning Comedy Group. His brand of observational humor mixed with his quick wit, and his improv training leaves crowds wanting more.    White ...

  • Chet Wild

    Chet Wild View Profile

    Chet Wild is a Los Angeles-based stand-up/improviser/writer by way of Buffalo (the city, not the animal).  Chet has performed with such comedy greats as Louie Anderson, Dom Irrera, and Patrice ONeal, and has appeared in a number of comedy festivals including The Lucille Ball Festival of Comedy, The Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, and The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.  Wh...

  • Bileko Wissa

    Bileko Wissa View Profile

     Bileko Aziza Wissa is originally Los Angeles, born and raised. He is an Stand Up Comedian, Actor, Writer, and Producer of his own Webseries called L.U.S.E.R. Comedy which stands for Let Ur Self Esteem Rise. You can catch it on L.U.S.E.R. Just shot a Sketch with Hip Hop Pioneer Russell Simmons Youtube Channel “All Def Digital”; Premiering in Sep...

  • Myke Wright

    Myke Wright View Profile

    Myke Wright is a Los Angeles based comedian originally from Detroit MI. One of the freshest faces on the scene Myke is quickly making a name for himself performing with national headliners at some of the largest venues in the country.

  • Marc Yaffee

    Marc Yaffee View Profile

    Marc Yaffee is a co-star of the Pow Wow Comedy Jam featured on the historic Showtime special, Goin' Native. A former writer for the late George Carlin's, Marc has also appeared on Comics Unleashed, The Latino Laugh Festival and the PBS Special, Crossing The Line. His national radio creidts include SiriusXM, The Bob & Tom Show and NPR. Marc has toured five times overseas entertaini...

  • Andy YP

    Andy YP View Profile

    Originally from Thailand, Andy YP is the only Thai comedian in USA. He was the host in various TV programs (in his home country). After relocated to USA, he has performed at Improv and Comedy store at night, and help his mom doing laundry during the day.  He was nominated for the Best Asian Driver (BAD) awards last year with only five tickets on weekly average. But sadly he did not win because he ...

  • Chris Zapatier

    Chris Zapatier View Profile


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