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Upcoming Shows

  • Mon - 8/1 12:00 PM Buy Tickets
    The Ventura Comedy Competition entry fee We will be awarding at least $2000 in prize money this year. The preliminary rounds will be on Sundays and Wednesdays in July at Ventura harbor Comedy Club.
  • Wed - 8/3 7:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Semi-Finals of The Ventura Comedy Competition Watch 14 of the funniest vie for two spots in the finals.
  • Wed - 8/3 9:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Special Event Jamie Kennedy HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central!
  • Thu - 8/4 7:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Rainbow Comedy with Jennie McNulty and friends! In The Green Room! The best LGBT comics in the universe!
  • Thu - 8/4 9:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Latin All Stars hosted by Rico and Mambo from Q 104.7 and Old School The best Latino Comics in the country!
  • Thu - 8/4 9:00 PM Buy Tickets
    The Historical Roast in The Green Room Watch some very funny people Roast a famous person from history. Something different and fun!
  • Fri - 8/5 7:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Miss Comedy Universe hosted by Katrina from Live 105.5 An amazing lineup of the funniest women from across the globe!
  • Fri - 8/5 8:00 PM Buy Tickets
    New Faces Showcase in The Green Room
  • Fri - 8/5 9:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Black Friday The top African American comics in the country!
  • Sat - 8/6 7:00 PM Buy Tickets
    10 Headliners! See 10 of the very best in the business!
  • Sat - 8/6 8:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Clean Comedy in The Green Room Great for the entire family!
  • Sat - 8/6 9:00 PM Buy Tickets
    International Comedy Show at The Greek Comics from all over the world!
  • Sat - 8/6 9:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Finals of The Ventura Comedy Competition Watch the final 7 compete for over $2000 in prizes.
  • Sat - 8/6 10:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Bad Girls of Comedy in The Green Room Naughty but hilarious!
  • Sat - 8/6 11:00 PM Buy Tickets
    The Dirty Dozen at The 805 Bar and Grilled Cheese Not for the faint of heart!
  • Sun - 8/7 7:00 PM Buy Tickets
    Derision 2016 Larry Elder's Political Comedy Forum Watch radio star Larry Elder moderate a raucous comedy show and debate with a Conservative comic, a Liberal Comic, an Independant comic , and a Liberterian comic! The laughs and sparks will fly!


Ventura Fest Contest Winners
Isaac "Flaco" Martinez
Tommy Savitt