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Picard Maneuver

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 Picard Maneuver is the leading musical comedy duo specializing in nerd based humor and more. Formed by Adam Fanshier and Mike Hover in 2007, Picard Maneuver combines elements of musical comedy, vaudeville, physical comedy, audience interaction and improvisation into their one of a kind act.

Adam and Mike’s unique brand of humor comes from their very honest presentation of their personal lives. They are two nerds trying to make it in a world filled with “cool kids”. The majority of their material may be about geek-related topics, but their message is universal. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin.

But don’t kid yourself, you don’t have to be a nerd or ever watched an episode of Star Trek to enjoy Picard Maneuver (even though their name comes from a specific episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation). Adam has even defied all nerd odds and was recently married (not to Mike, unless that will get us the gig).
Their act is more than a collection of ‘Fanboy’ inside jokes. It is an honest tale of the ‘every man’. Adam and Mike have a talent for making audiences realize that being an “outsider” is more than okay— it should be embraced! Their most famous example of their ideology is Mike’s unusual and memorable way of picking up women demonstrated by his “Wookie Dance”.

The two joined with the best of intentions to, as they put it, “Bring back the style of comedy popularized by classic duos such as Bing and Bob, Martin and Lewis, and The Smothers Brothers.” And audiences sure seem to enjoy their ideology.

From comedy clubs and bars, to the halls of prison (yes, they’ve performed in prison), Picard Maneuver has been delighting audiences all over. Whether you were beating up nerds in high school, the ones thrown into the trashcan, or watched it from afar, Picard Maneuver is the comedy group for you.


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Picard Maneuver is Known For
Credit Details Role
Guns Don't Kill People Mike in an independent Feature
Undiscontected Mike in an independent short Cupid
CBS Cage Match Adam competed in the finals for mobile comedy domance Comedian Contestant
The Wanda Sykes Show Mike appeared on a segment Guy w/ iPhone
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